Our clients often tell us how much they appreciate our work.  These are some examples we've recently received:

From: Derrick M
Subject: Sincere Thank You
Date: May 2, 2014 at 10:48:07 AM EDT
To: info@animalfitness.com 

Dear Jack & Paula,

Words alone don’t come close to how grateful I am that there are people like you in this absurd world. My girlfriend, Julie Burke, brought my best friend, JACK, to you for care after he fell severely ill.

The circumstances were a bit chaotic, as he began his treatment at another Veterinary Clinic, once we noticed -- too late-- that he was losing weight. In hindsight it doesn’t matter to me how he became ill as much as it did how he was taken care of. After an initial $265 for tests that showed he was in kidney failure, the other veterinarian called me at work.

I asked her what my options were. She replied, “It doesn’t work like that!” I asked her if she could email me the results. She replied, “You wouldn’t understand them.” Then she turned the pressure-boiler-technique up a notch and demanded to know if hospitalization for a week was an option? (While I was at work roughly 60 miles away). Needless to say, I felt like I was being held-up at my most vulnerable. I had just returned from a business trip and I was a bit confused as to what all was going on. I wondered if all vets behaved in this manner.

My first vet experience in Massachusetts was a bit similar. When the Doctor vaccinated baby Jack, I felt a nodule in his hindquarters. I immediately brought him back and the veterinarian said it might be a tumor. Then he requested test after test. $1,000 and a week later it went away, like magic! I suspect it was the inflammation from his shots.

As you can well imagine, I felt a bit punch-drunk in my dealings with veterinarians. But then Julie happened upon your practice. Even though I wasn’t able to accompany her to your office I got to observe how humane and caring you are to both the animals and people that you deal with. I felt that you were very fair and loving throughout my best friend’s demise. I truly felt the compassion!

What do you say when you meet such good people in a world that tends to overlook them? How can I ever repay such love? The only way I know how is to write you this letter and let you know that your love extends beyond the limits you can see. I’ve never met you, yet I can’t help but feel that the world is a better and more compassionate place with the two of you in it. The act makes me examine my own kindness.

Please take this letter as proof that your energy and light shines bright beyond the border of New Hampshire inspiring, even strangers, to be better people at the game of life.

Eternally grateful, Derrick McCluskey 


From: Chris Frado 

Subject: testimonial

Date: May 1, 2015 at 11:35:41 AM EDT

It has taken me far too long to sit and write the much-deserved thank you for all that was done by Animal Fitness to treat my German Shepherd Dog, Bingo for a corneal ulcer. Although her needs required the intervention of a specialist (veterinary opthalmologist) you continued to be my support and deeply care for my dog. When the specialist exhausted her treatment options and recommended surgery, you sat with me and reviewed the options. We discussed at length Bingo's history of prior post-surgical reactions. You researched alternatives and presented me with a plan that included supplements, nutriceuticals, and the use of Photonic Light Therapy using a tool from Advanced Photonic Therapy. Initially you administered treatments. Then suggested I purchase the tool so as to be able to treat Bingo both more frequently and without the added time and expense of trips to Animal Fitness. Which I did. You, taught me how to use the tool and supported my efforts with phone calls and emails. The veterinary opthamologist was impressed a few short weeks later (after months and months and months of Bingo's body not healing with traditional antibiotics and other drugs) with the complete healing that resulted from your cocktail of supplements and Photonic Light Therapy. Both Bingo and I owe you our gratitude. Because of Animal Fitness we avoided surgery to the dog's eye and months of painful recovery. Not to mention a very large expense for eye surgery. Your practice is really quite remarkable. A delightful mix of traditional veterinary knowledge coupled with holistic and alternative treatments. All the while with genuine compassion, a sensitivity to cost-effectiveness, and just being really good people who have a special connection with God's creatures. Thank you!


November 11, 2015

I am writing to commend C. R. “Jack” Kibbee, DVM and Paula Fitzpatrick of Animal Fitness in Hinsdale. My wife Hilary Baker and I operate Up The Hill Farm in Ashuelot; we keep two dogs, a cat, chickens and hogs. Since we were introduced to them in 2012, Paula and Jack have been our exclusive providers health services for these pets and livestock. Jack has castrated our feeder pigs, treated a sow with chronic mastitis, removed a cyst from my Labradoodle’s throat, diagnosed a variety of other minor ailments, kept up all the animal’s vaccinations, and has been a wonderful educator about animal health and medicine. Paula grooms both of our dogs, provides meaningful and effective training advice, and has shared a wealth of guidance on nutrition and animal husbandry. Throughout, the two work seamlessly as a team, each complimenting and reinforcing the strengths of the other. We unabashedly recommended Animal Fitness to at least three of our friends, all of whom remain loyal customers.

I understand that you are investigating a consumer complaint against Animal Fitness. I don’t know the nature of the complaint, but I hope that you will consider the specific reasons that I place full confidence in Paula and Jack, and that you take no action that would prevent many farming and pet-loving families in the area from enjoying the outstanding services they provide. Here in the southwestern tri-state region of New Hampshire we can choose from an array of local veterinary services, many of which have been practicing successfully for as long as I can remember. At one time or another Hilary and I have been a satisfied client at many of these practices. In that competitive marketplace, these are the top seven reasons that we choose Animal Fitness as our exclusive provider of veterinary and animal health services:

1.     Paula and Jack approach animal health with the same holistic approach that we appreciate in a physician. When Hilary or I present an animal health issue, Jack and Paula will often ask as much about the animal’s diet, its quarters, how we interact with it, or its disposition toward others as they ask about symptoms. They take their time examining and observing the animal, and recommend diagnostics such as x-rays or blood-work judiciously when appropriate, but do not administer these tests as a matter of routine like so many practitioners do. Likewise, depending on the animal’s presentation, the recommended treatment may be a change of diet, environment or routine, or it may be a more traditional course of medication or surgery. We truly appreciate this full spectrum approach, as well as Jack and Paula’s desire to avoid expensive, risky, or invasive approaches when appropriate.

2.     Animal Fitness offers a broad variety of services for all types of animals. I don’t know of another area practice in the area where the providers are as comfortable treating all types of livestock as they are with dogs, cats, and other pets. Likewise, I do not know of another practice that offers such an array of services from grooming, coaching, and training to diagnostics, surgery, and boarding.

3.     Jack and Paula consistently practice as a team, providing clients with the benefit of each practitioner’s training, experience, knowledge, and perspective. This stands in bright contrast to our experience at other multi-practitioner offices where services are offered by “the veterinarian of the day,” and usually not a vet who has seen my animal previously.

4.     For a small practice, Animal Fitness is consistently accessible and responsive. We’ve never had to wait too long for an urgent appointment, Jack and Paula are willing to make house calls when needed, and if our needs can be met with a telephone conversation, they are always willing to help in that way, rather than requiring one of us to travel to their office.

5.     The practice keeps excellent records. As an example of how important this is, when our Border collie nipped the ankle of a Marlboro College Student and broke the skin, the dog was not wearing his rabies tag, and we were not able to lay our hands on the certificate. We were afraid that in an abundance of caution, the college health office would call animal control to have our dog removed. A phone call to Animal Fitness was all it took to resolve the issue and the dog’s vaccination records were on the college’s fax machine in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

6.     Jack and Paula are not only excellent providers; they are also great educators. They always provide meaningful context for their diagnosis and treatment; they patiently and thoughtfully answer our myriad questions, and they subtly advise us when we have presented a problem with the animal that is more likely a fault of the animal’s keepers.

7.     Care at Animal Fitness is affordable. Their charges are fair, and as mentioned earlier, do not provide or charge for unnecessary services.

In conclusion, I have found that Jack Kibbee and Paula Fitzpatrick are professional, transparent, responsive and respectful in every way. From the time I first met them, both have clearly disclosed that Jack is a Veterinarian while Paula is not, and they have practiced accordingly. For most of my career I worked as a hospital administrator, and I wish that every physician I worked with had approached his or her patients with the same professionalism, respect, and courtesy that Jack and Paula show for their clients on a daily basis. Their unique and compassionate approach to animal fitness fills an important niche that no other service I am aware of can occupy, so I hope that their presence and service will not be interrupted. I would be glad to respond to any questions you may have, to provide sworn testimony on their behalf, or to provide the names of other Animal Fitness clients that we have recommended to the service.


Sincerely and respectfully,


Arthur B. Scott


CC: New Hampshire Board of Veterinary Medicine, PO Box 2042, Concord NH   03302-2042


From: Judy Miller <artjudymiller@yahoo.com>

Date: December 8, 2015 at 11:43:10 AM EST

To: Paula Fitzpatrick <paula@animalfitness.com>

Subject: Ag

To whom it may concern,                                                                                                    

Dec. 8, 2015

This is a letter in support of Paula and Jack.  I am part owner of Miller Farm Inc. in Vernon VT.  We have over 300 head of registered Holsteins and transitioned to organic 7 years ago.  They have supported our dairy farm with getting vet supplies for us.  We have not used them much on the dairy because we do our own vetting.  Primarily our use of them has been for our small animals.  My wife breeds golden retrievers and they have been excellent in their support.  We have even texted them at 3:30 am and got an immediate response!  Through their care we have saved the life of one of our bitches at least twice.  Their knowledge, experience, and wisdom have been invaluable to us.

This goes beyond their profession.  They are our friends.  They have been at our home for holidays, we have worshipped together at church, and labored together to save animal life.  When Jack was fighting for his life in Dartmouth, we were there.  When he was regaining his strength at the nursing home, we were there.  When we've been wrestling with animal health, they've been here.  In other words, we are bonded.  Their practice is not conventional either in their treatment of animals or their treatment of clients.  Their passion is service - both to people and the animals.  And they have excelled at both.  If I can be of further service, please contact me.  


Art Miller



© J. Fitzpatrick 2015